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About Us
Children. Art. Family. Advocacy. Pilates and oh yeah Red Licorice. These are a few of the essentials in my life. One day I want to return with my daughters for another walk on the Left Bank, and spend more time exploring the Medina in Morocco. One day…

I loved participating in interesting discussions with creative people while volunteering with TVO’s parent council. I wanted more of this type of interaction so… I furthered my role as educator to reach a wider range of people including the following audiences: preschool children, elementary children, college students, and adults throughout both Canada and the United States. I learned so much from those I taught. I realized life and learning are truly intertwined.

Now I concentrate on partnering with a variety of Production Companies focusing on the development of Children’s Media. Here my love of Children and Art come together. In this role, I do everything and anything Media: I provide recommendations on series bibles, premises, and scripts to ensure they are developmentally appropriate, I make connections to curriculum, and I support the development of Digital Media to include connections to learning objectives and educational outcomes. I am fortunate and thrilled to have worked as the educational consultant for several television shows that are broadcasted internationally.

If you are interested in discussing how I can support your development of Children’s Media, please contact me:

Phone: (416) 302-1511

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