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“There are a few people that come into one’s life and leave a lasting impact. For me, one of those people is Moya Fewson.

Six years ago I was gearing up to leave the field of Early Childhood Education until by chance, I found myself in the Preschool Curriculum course with Moya as my trainer. I was motivated, and for the first time in years, I was excited to get back into the classroom. I later went on to take the Trainer of Trainers course, again with Moya as my trainer. Moya’s experience and knowledge inspires students. There has been no one single person that has influenced my teaching practices more than she has”.

- Chelsie Brubacher, Early Child Development Services, Squamish BC

“Although I have been in the ECE field for almost 20 years, I had no knowledge of the HighScope educational approach prior to joining Sheridan College’s ECE Centres in 2009. In December of that year, I enrolled in the HighScope Preschool Curriculum Course, and a door was opened to a whole new world of possibilities. Which each new course component (The Learning Environment, The Daily Routine...), I learned about the importance of the roles of the child, the adult and the environment in creating positive and effective learning experiences. I came to understand “Best Practice”, a concept that is exactly as it sounds: utilizing strategies that provide effective care and education for children. Children enrolled in HighScope programs not only develop cognitively, physically and socially but they also grow in independence, creativity and imagination; and I know this because I am witness to it every day”.

- Dona Silva, BA, RECE, MA. Centre Supervisor, Sheridan College ECE Centers

“Daybreak parent Child Centre has a forty year history of providing services for children and families. Daybreak strives to provide the highest quality of programming for families. It is with this philosophy that we discovered HighScope. Daybreak has been a HighScope enriched environment for many years. Through our quest for more knowledge we met Moya Fewson. She has visited our site twice to provide the staff with valuable training and has ignited a fire with our staff for more education and training in the HighScope experience. Daybreak was fortunate to have a staff person invited to The Training of Trainers program. Moya is and has been a wonderful mentor, trainer, and support to our program. She has shared her knowledge and love for HighScope with our team and thus opened a door for quality and evidence based programming”.

- Leslie Hardy, Director Children's Program Daybreak Parent Child Center, St. John's, NL

“The training takes you through a series of logical steps that allow you to first understand theory then apply it to your day-to-day interactions with children. Moya is very knowledgeable and teaches in ways that engaged me as the learner, provoked my thoughts and got me excited about teaching! I feel that the skills I learned in class can be directly applied in my classroom. I enjoy the depth of the training and when you finish a course you feel that you holistically understand the topic. I enjoy the intimate group setting and the small group teaching style. I enjoyed meeting others and working on practical experiences with others to practice new skills and enhance current skills”.

- Diana Phu, Peel Region

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