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“I highly recommend Sarah Fewson as an educational consultant for children’s media content.

I have been on the receiving end of the consulting work Sarah has performed for various children's television series, and her work demonstrates an in depth knowledge of child development, as well as comprehensive knowledge of curriculum. I have recommended Sarah’s services on numerous occasions to our production partners and will continue to do so. She has a good sense of what is required to engage a young audience, and what is age appropriate. I look forward to our continued collaboration”.

- Pat Ellingson, Creative Head, Children’s Media. TVO

“Sarah was an invaluable asset to our project and an absolute pleasure to work with. She obviously knows the curriculum well, but it’s her ability to find key spots to weave curriculum into the story in entertaining ways that really stuck out to me. The result, for us, was a fantastically fun and informative show!

- Brandon Lane, Development Executive, 9 Story Entertainment, Name of Project: Ertlings

“Sarah is a joy with whom to collaborate. Her in-depth understanding of the psychological and emotional realities of our target audiences combined with her familiarity with the core curricula lends a depth and wisdom to her comments. By the same token she never loses sight of the creative, and frequently suggests ideas that improve the stories. Sarah is the go-to gal for all things educational”.

- Katherine Sandford, Executive Story Editor

“Two years ago, Screen Door a film and TV company in Toronto Canada joined forces with Machine Productions from the Cardiff, Wales to produce a pre-school plus (ages 4-7) live action series that had as well puppet characters. Called Tati’s Hotel, it was licensed for broadcast on TVO in Canada and CITV in the UK. While TVO has an educational mandate, CITV does not. We all agreed though that for the age group, the best approach was ‘edu-light’ be entertaining while being fearless at challenging kids to have fun and think too. Easy peasy. Not. How to do an edu-light series entertainingly ...and did we ‘really’ have to address curriculum? Yes. Enter Sarah Fewson Consultant extraordinaire. Early on Sarah made clear for us and our writers both the personality traits of that age demo - and the educational objectives that any school would have in its core curriculum for them. Sarah then would review the loglines for the episodes and come back with simple direct suggestions that made sense - and addressed the need to be aware of diversity, gender and stereotyping throughout the series: not all pirates need be men or all nurses women. Jane Steventon, the UK creator of the series, was boggled and a bit daunted at first…her instincts really were about keeping comedy and fun for kids. When Sarah Fewson was brought on board, well Jane struggled like a kid in handcuffs to find the key to escape asap. But quite respectfully Sarah Fewson would read scripts and add notes that reminded us of the educational objective within our grasp if only we shifted this one line or added that one more example. Sarah worked under sometimes tight deadlines to return notes. She always had notes that understood and worked with the needs of the series, writing with developed characters and their distinct personality traits. Perhaps the best kudo to Sarah’s efforts: Jane Steventon the UK co-creator for Tatis Hotel had initially struggled to see the need for a consultant at all. Before the series was completed though, she was to confess that that best thing about having educational objectives (and a consultant to remind you of them), was that she was proud to not only do a series like Tatis Hotel that was FUN but one that was inspirational and infinitely better because of the fact that it was as well ‘about something’. Film making is a collaborative effort – and Sarah Fewson is a good collaborator: for fun, oh and education.”

- Heather Haldane, Co-Producer for Tati’s Hotel / Screen Door

Sarah provided succinct, clear guidance to align our project with age-appropriate curricula. She was responsive to our questions and an ally for entertainment-focused writing. Citing 'on target' details, and highlighting areas which stretched to ages above and below our demographic, her notes marked the heart of our preschool target, leaving room to grow.”

- Monica Dennis, Development Consultant: Family and Animation

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